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Salsa Chiltepín

Salsa de Chiltepín is the one that most characterizes us for its delicious flavor, texture and level of itch. Proudly made in Tijuana, this sauce gives a very special flavor to dishes such as pozole, seafood, birria, tapixte, as well as any type of soups.

Salsa Habanera

The Habanera Salsa La Perrona is handcrafted with care to maintain the quality and flavor with which this recipe was invented. Its delicious flavor and particular texture characterize it, giving it that special itch. It can be combined with Mexican dishes, seafood, pasta, beans, tacos and any type of dish.

Our history
From the traditional root and artisan salsa

The Perrona sauces recipe was created in 1960 in the city of Tijuana BC by a family that owns a grocery store. There they prepared it to season the snacks they sold, thus gaining the taste of customers and friends. This recipe passed for generations, and because it has had so much acceptance, it was decided to pack and market it to make it reach more homes, maintaining the same taste and itch that has characterized it so much. The delicious mixtures to create La Perrona de Chiltepín and Habanero, include Chiltepin chilies, and habaneros, as well as several special condiments, which are emulsified using 100% handmade methods, giving it that delicious and natural appearance and its unique and spicy flavor. La Perrona Salsas are made using the same methods and ingredients with which they were created, thus maintaining the delicious flavor that characterizes them.